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Income Protection

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Income Protection insurance replaces your lost earnings in the event that you are unable to work due to illness or injury.  Most policies will pay up to 75% of your normal earnings if you cannot work due to disability should you opt to insure yourself for the maximum cover available.

There are a lot of features and benefits that can impact on the cost of income protection insurance as well as the quality of the product.  We assist clients in finding the right policy for them within their budget.

Two common questions relating to Income Protection policies relate to:

  • Waiting periods typically vary from 30 days up to 2 years.  This is the amount of time you have to be unable to work before the policy will begin to pay monthly benefits to the insured.  Some policies have additional features that will enable benefits to be paid as early as 3 days from the date of disability but typically comes at an additional cost.
  • BenefitPeriods : Policies can pay benefits to the insured for a specified period of time, from as short as one year while other policies can pay the insured until age 65.

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